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Table listing releases in model number order


As of 5th September 2004, I have assumed that this company is no longer trading (see my News article of that day) CLICK HERE to view. There are a number of models in the below list that have not been released and I have amended the release date column to read "not released". If definite evidence is received that the company is or is not trading then this page will be updated further.

If anybody is able to let me know the exact or approximate release dates of some of the earlier models in this list that are currently shown as release date "not known", that would be appreciated CLICK HERE to email.


1/50 SCALE
Model No Vehicle Company Fleet No Route No Quantity Date released
MCW70201 Metrobus LT M1482 84 600 n/k
MCW70202 Metrobus LT - London Northern M14 231 500 7/01
MCW70202A Metrobus LT - London Northern (LT Museum Special) M14 27 100 n/k
MCW70203 Metrobus Arriva Travel - Not being issued replaced by MCW-73103 - - - -
MCW70204 Metrobus Travel West Midlands 2097 31 1000 8/01
MCW70205 Metrobus Stevensons 71 401 500 2/02
MCW70206 Metrobus LT - Leaside Buses M1437 - 400 1/02
MCW70207 Metrobus Capital Citybus 110 298 600 n/k
MCW70209 Metrobus MK1 Ensignbus 112 248 500 1/02
MCW73101A Metrobus MK1 Double Door LT Airbus A1 (version A) M1028 A1 200 8/02
MCW73101B Metrobus MK1 Double Door LT Airbus A1 (version B) M1010 A1 200 8/02
MCW73102 Metrobus MK1 Double Door LT Airbus A2 M1009 A2 100 n/k
MCW73103 Metrobus MK1 Double Door Arriva - The Original Tour - - 300 4/03
Metrobus MK1 Double Door London Buses (Metroline) M47 52 168 2/04(HK)
Not released (UK)
Metrobus MK1 Double Door Metroline M1167 240 200 6/03
Metrobus MK1 Double Door First London n/k n/k n/k Not released
MCW73201 Metrobus MK2 Single Door Yorkshire Rider 7590 X6 500 N/K
MCW73202 Metrobus MK2 Single Door Harrow Bus n/k n/k n/k Not released
Metrobus MK2 Single Door Travel West Midlands - Pershore Road 2801 45 400 1/03
MCW73204 Metrobus MK2 Single Door Travel West Midlands - Airport Link 2936 900 400 1/03
Metrobus MK2 Single Door Ensign/Citybus n/k n/k n/k Not released
Metrobus MK2 Single Door First Leeds n/k n/k n/k Not released
MCW73301 Metrobus MK2 Double Door LT (standard LT red) M1441 170 200 10/02
Dates please note the following:
Date in Red = the expected release date
Date in Green = the original advertised release date when the actual release date is not known
Date in Black = the actual confirmed release date

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