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These lists have been compiled to include models produced by Corgi Post 1983 Management buyout from the old Mettoy Company. The "Corgi Classics" range of authentic limited edition models for adult collectors was introduced in 1985. The cataloguing of the models has been complicated, as since 1983 a number of different numbering systems have been used. To make the lists easy to follow, I decided to split the listings into different scales. Within each scale the models are listed in alphabetical order of type of vehicle and then roughly in numerical order. The order in which the models are listed does not indicate the order in which they were issued. I recognise that some of the models listed are from the Corgi or Corgi Toy ranges. To simplify matters it has been necessary to include them under a general heading of "Corgi Classics". Sometimes I have had to use a degree of "artistic license" with regards the numbering schemes. They are not official lists from the manufacturer and therefore this site cannot be responsible for any errors or omissions.

I have compiled these lists from many sources including publications previously acknowledged on this site, contributions from visitors to the site and after examining models on shop shelves and at toy fairs. At time of first publication (23 November 2003) even in their "First Draft" form I believe these lists are the most comprehensive and detailed ones published of Post Management buyout Corgi model buses and ancillary vehicles. My aim is to significantly improve/update them and ultimately to provide a definitive list for British Model Bus Collectors, which is currently not available elsewhere. I would appreciate your assistance in this ongoing process.

If you have any of the models listed in your collection and you notice an error/omission or I have shown the details as being not known (n/k),  please email details to me so the lists can be updated for the benefit of other collectors. Ideally I need the following information for each model:

1. Stock number (from packaging)
2. Type of vehicle
3. Fleet (company)
4. Fleet number
5. Registration number
6. Destination
7. Quantity.
8. Date issued (if not known the year of issue as shown on the copyright on the packaging).

Please CLICK HERE to email details to me. I hope to hear from you soon.

Whilst writing the lists I have learned of many models that I did not know existed and now need to acquire a number to complete fleet collections! No doubt many of you will also find the same.

Please note: A considerable amount of time and effort has been spent in compiling these listings. As with any information published on this site it is strictly Copyright British Model Buses and must not be reproduced and published on any other site or in any other publication without my express consent.



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AEC Regal IV
Bedford OB

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Bedford VAL
Leyland Tiger PS1

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Plaxton Paramount




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AEC Regent (Routemaster Derivative)
Exposed Radiator AEC (Derived from Routemaster)


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MCW Metrobus MK2







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Dick Kerr Trams
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Ancillary Vehicles

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