June 2014 - Updates

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News 3rd EFE model produced for last weekends Year of the Bus event in London 27 Jun 14
News Corgi OOC OM41310 Wright Fusion - First Leeds update. EFE Silver Jubilee SRM new photograph 26 Jun 14
News Confirmed releases from Atlas Editions and EFE 25 Jun 14
News LT Museum commissioned EFE models, photographs 23 Jun 14
News Confirmed release of London Transport Museum EFE commissioned models 22 Jun 14
News London Transport Museum two EFE models for this Sundays Year of the Bus cavalcade. EFE/Bachmann Silver SRM photographs. Confirmed release from Corgi OOC 20 Jun 14
News Oxford Diecast NSET02 - Photographs and details 19 Jun 14
News Corgi OOC model scheduled for release 13 Jun 14
News EFE Models scheduled for release. Confirmed releases from Corgi OOC. OOC and EFE Collectors Guide 14th Edition - details. Jotus.com Routemaster 60 products - additional details 12 Jun 14
News Confirmed releases from EFE and Oxford Diecast NSET02 11 Jun 14
News New Bachmann exclusive EFE model. Oxford Diecast n-gauge set NSET02 10 Jun 14
News News from jotus.com and Oxford Diecast 9 Jun 14
News Confirmed releases from Oxford Diecast 8 Jun 14
Gallery Wright Eclipse Gemini Photograph of Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 - Metroline VW1400 (LK62 DVL) 7 Jun 14
Gallery Wright New Bus for London Two photographs of Go Ahead London General NBfL LT59 (LTZ1059) added 6 Jun 14
News New models announced by EFE. EFE models scheduled for release. Photographs of a recent Corgi OOC and jotus.com release 4 Jun 14
News Oxford Diecast models scheduled for release. Delays at Corgi. 3 Jun 14
News Jotus model for RM60 event. Oxford Diecast Weymann Fanfare - South Wales - Photographs. Jotus resin FRM model for Routemaster 60 event 2 June 14

June 2014 - Updates

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