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Further to my news article last night. The Blackpool Tram mentioned will be an open top Balloon Tram. No further details are known at this time.

Wednesday 30 January 2002

Additional information has just come to me:

The word from the London Toyfair is that Corgi will be introducing the following models in their 2nd half releases as follows:
AEC 4Q4 (single deck)
Utility Trolleybus
Blackpool Tram (open top)
No further details are available at this time although if I hear anything I will let you know.

Creative Master Northcord
I understand that CMN have been given permission by Travel West Midlands to produce a model  ALX400 Golden Jubilee Version. For release anytime from March onwards. 

Further to my news article dated 25th January. I am advised that the "standard livery" version will probably be released before the Golden Jubilee version and will more than likely not be route branded. Again as soon as I get further information I will let you know.

Tuesday 29 January 2002

Corgi OOC Feltham Tram OM40501. I am able to clarify the position regarding the certificate. It appears that the certificate was omitted in error by Corgi. If you wish to obtain the certificate for your model you should contact the dealer from whom you purchased it and they will contact Corgi. Corgi will then send the certificate to the dealer.

EFE have announced details of their Subscriber offer Maidstone and District set. CLICK HERE for photographs and details.

Monday 28 January 2002

NEWS FROM THE SHOW. I am very grateful to a number of people who have attended the show and sent me news of it.

Corgi OOC
No new releases were on display from the OOC range and no news of 2nd half releases. There was still no finished version of the Bristol Lodekka FS. On display was a pre production sample of a new ALX400 in Stagecoach London livery.
CLICK HERE to see the photographs.

Further to my news article last night, I am able to confirm that Corgi will be distributing the first 5 C.M.N ALX400's. From then on any future models WILL BE a Corgi OOC casting and packaged as such.

Had the new castings for the Titan and GMT Atlantean Fleetline on display. Also on display was a revised casting of the DMS with the engine shrouds removed in both a single door version (with two leaf door) and a dual door version (with four leaf door). A dual door was on display in the livery of Maynes of Manchester.

EFE will be offering subscribers a Maidstone set comprising a TD1 (open) and PD2/3 priced at 31.50 + 2.50 p&p.

Provisional release dates for the new castings are as follows:

The Leyland Titan May/June.
The GM Atlantean/Fleetline June/July.
The reworked DMS April.
The tube train July/August

EFE release for March are as follows CLICK HERE to see a copy of the EFE March sheet:

99636 Set of 4 cars with added detail.
16522 Leyland Atlantean-Standerwick Gay Hostess.
27807 AEC STL-London Transport (red)
20428 Bristol VRIII-Southend Transport.
22713 Alexander Y Type-Western Buses
28101 Alexander Atlantean B-National Welsh Rhondda

Did anybody take any other photographs? please e-mail me and I will try and include them on the site.

Sunday 27 January 2002

On the subject of the Travel West Midlands ALX400. I have been contacted by a correspondent in the trade with an interesting piece of information. My correspondent advises that a previously reliable source has informed him that with effect from the T.W.M model Corgi will be taking over the mould from CMN and the models will then be packaged in Corgi branded boxes. Has anyone else heard these rumours?

Saturday 26 January 2002

I am grateful to the Ian Allan Bookshop (Birmingham City Centre) who have contacted me today.  They have been shown a pre-production sample of the new Creative Master Northcord Travel West Midlands ALX 400. It is believed the production version will be on route 96 Birmingham City Centre to Chelmsley Wood and will be route branded.

There is also a rumour that C.M.N are considering producing a model of the TWM Golden Jubilee bus.

Friday 25 January 2002

Further to my news article last evening regarding OM40501 Corgi OOC Feltham Tram. Despite stating on the packaging that the model is certificated, Corgi have stated that it is not.

Thursday 24 January 2002

The following models have now been released:
Corgi OOC
OM42405 Panorama Ribble
OM40501 Feltham Tram LT  - Has anyone got a certificate with theirs? The box says there is one. One of my correspondents has searched several boxes and not found any!. Please let me know if you find one and what the quantity is

Creative Master Northcord

Wednesday 23 January 2002

Forthcoming releases from EFE - 

Scheduled for release week commencing 28th January are the following:
27605 Volvo/Wrights Renown - Arriva Northumbria
27606 Volvo/Wrights Renown - Burnley & Pendle
20008 Leyland PD - Portsmouth
26403 Daimler Utility - Manchester Corp
27209 Leyland TD1 - London Transport
16215 Bristol MW/LS - Southern National

EFE releases for February are as follows:
20127 Bedford OB - Liverpool
12114 Harrington Coach - Greenslades
24319 AEC reliance/BET - Maidstone & District
99638 Leyland TD1 - Crosville/LMS (re-run)
26204 Guy Arab 1 Utility - London Transport


Further to my news item yesterday regarding the release of LT Museum Set 10. I have clarified the release date with the museum.  I was advised yesterday by a member of staff that the set was on sale "yesterday" in their shop. It now it now transpires that the set is not on sale and has an expected release date of Summer 2002. They are however taking orders. Apologies for the confusion.

Tuesday 22 January 2002

I can confirm that the following EFE models have now been released by the London Transport Museum and are on sale now in their shop.

LT Museum Bus Set 10 - "Routemasters 2002"
25708B - DMS Museum Special

I hope to bring further details of these models tomorrow.

Monday 21 January 2002

Request for help.
Can anyone confirm when the EFE AEC RF 23311A (Acton Museum Special) first went on sale? I have been trying to agree the dates and so far suggestions range between October 1999 and February 2000. If anyone out there knows the answer could you please e-mail me

Monday 14 January 2002

Creative Master Northcord
Scheduled for release week commencing 21 January 2002
UKBUS1001 Dennis Trident Alexander ALX400 - First Capital
UKBUS1002 Dennis Trident Alexander ALX400 - Metroline

Sunday 13 January 2002

Corgi OOC
Scheduled for release week commencing 21 January 2002
OM40501 Feltham Tram London Passenger Transport Board
OM42405 Leyland Leopard/Panorama 1 Ribble Motor Services Ltd

Saturday  12 January 2002

Shown below is a pre-production sample of Creative Master Northcord's forthcoming Dennis Trident ALX400 in Edinburgh Lothian livery. Further details will be given when known.


Photograph Campbell Morrison

Wednesday 9 January 2002

I have further details for the forthcoming Southdown Guy Arab on offer from Model Collector Magazine as follows:
Fleet number: 495
Registration number: GUF 395
Route Number: 8
Route: Broadwater Church, Chapel Road, GPO and Worthing Pier
Anticipated release: date 3 months time.
I do not have the Corgi stock code at this time.

Tuesday 8 January 2002

From Corgi OOC Club  Dec - Jan Bus Route newsletter:
OM44004 Blackpool  Brush Railcoach be appearing in another livery to that advertised.
Further liveries for Creative Master Dennis Trident ALX400 will include West Midlands Travel and Edinburgh - Lothian, no other details given.


The following Corgi OOC models have now been released:
OM45705 AEC Q Westcliffe. Quantity 5000
OM43601 Palatine Harris Bus. Quantity 2700

Sunday 6 January 2002

I wish you all a Happy New Year for 2002. 
The year has started very well for the site with the 2000th hit being recorded on New Years Day. Thank you all for your messages of support and best wishes which are continuing to flood in. I know I have said it before, but I have been totally overwhelmed by the response the site has received. Thank you.

I am very grateful to David Cole for clarifying the position with regard one of  the ABC Ailsa's in Travel West Midlands livery as follows. "I commissioned the ABC Ailsa model in Travel West Midlands colours which is shown in your list as 5005X but was actually released as U0001 being the first release in the blue "Unique Edition" box. The model is of fleet number 4778 (JOV778P) on route 104 to Sutton Coldfield. There were 500 produced for me for the UK plus 200 for Hong Kong and Australia".

I understand David has a few of these models left please contact him at davidrcole@lycos.co.uk for details.

Thursday 3 January 2002

January 2002 - News

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