Feltham Tram

London Transport

Scanned image - real photograph not available at this time
source Corgi OOC promotional material


Due to an error by Corgi this model was distributed without it's certificate despite it stating on the box that it was certificated. Persons wishing to obtain the certificate for their model could obtain one by contacting their dealer who would in turn contact Corgi. Corgi would send the certificate directly to the dealer. This model is "special edition" only and not "limited edition"


 Manufacturer of model Corgi OOC
 Scale 1:76
 Fleet number 2104
 Registration number -
 Route number 21
 Destination Holborn
 Advertising -
 Release details
 Quantities (if known) n/a
 Date released 01/02
 Availability General release
 Comments Initially distributed without a certificate. See note above.

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