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I have updated yesterdays news article with full contact details for Shearings Holidays including e-mail address if you wish to order one of their models. Shearings have further advised that the model is Fleet number is 837 (registration number P306 VWR) The livery is their "swoosh" livery with the web site address.

I hope to bring pictures of the model later in the week.

Tuesday 30 April 2002

I have been advised by Shearings Holidays that their Van Hool (Corgi OOC Code OM42702) is now available and on sale. The model is limited to 5000 (2000 for distribution now by Shearings and 3000 for distribution by Corgi later in the year). The model is priced at 14.99 + 2.00 P&P (cheques payable to Shearings Ltd) and can be obtained from:

Shearings Ltd,
Barley Castle Lane,

To order your model please contact:
Sharon Smart
Senior Administrator
Shearings Holidays Limited
TEL: 01925 214609
E-MAIL: s.smart@shearingsholidays.co.uk
WEB: www.shearingsholidays.com

Country Bus Rallies have announced two further Code 3 models:
AEC STL London Transport (red) for their Sidcup Rally
AEC STL London Transport (green) for their Dorking Rally

Monday 29 April 2002

I can confirm the following models have now been released and are now on sale:

Corgi OOC
OM44404 Blackpool Tram Mystique
OM45706 AEC Q Hull Corporation Ltd
OM43303 Plaxton Premiere Blackburn Transport Ltd
OM45605 BMMO D9 Midland Red
OM42901 Optare Delta Metro Coastlines

Creative Master Northcord
UKBUS1003 Dennis Trident ALX400 Stagecoach London
UKBUS1004 Dennis Trident ALX400 Edinburgh Lothian

Saturday 27 April 2002

I am advised that Corgi OOC have been commissioned to produce a Van Hool Alizee (Corgi OOC Code OM42702) for sale by Shearings Holidays. Corgi will not be distributing this model. I have today spoken with Shearings Holidays on 01942 244246, they are expecting delivery end of May. They are not taking orders at present but will take contact details and notify you when the models arrive. No other details are available at this time.

Tuesday 23 April 2002

My June's edition of Model Collector Magazine arrived today and there are a number of items of interest:

A new subscriber offer of an EFE Leyland Titan. Full details will be given in July's issue. The following details are given:
Leyland B15 Titan
London Transport
Fleet number T252
Route 162
Destination Wanstead Station
Limited to 2500 pieces.

New subscribers and existing subscribers who renew their subscription will be able to receive an EFE model free. This comprises a Bedford OB in livery of Shamrock and Rambler. See magazine for full details of how to apply.

Model Collectors model bus of the year has been announced:
1. Corgi OOC Q (48% of vote)
2. EFE STL (24% of vote)
3. Corgi OOC Midland Red CM5T (20% of vote)
4. C'sM Metrobus (4% of vote)
5. Others (4% of vote)

There is also an article about EFE Plaxton models and one on coach design.

Monday 22 April 2002

I have received further details for the North Weald and Southsea models as per the news article of 7 April 2002 and news of a new model for Sutton United Football club. All models being produced by EFE.

North Weald:
27808B STL London Transport (green)
Route 339
Destination Epping LT Garage
Quantity approx 425 models

20008A Leyland PD2/12 Orion Portsmouth Corporation
Route 1
Destination South Parade Pier
Quantity approx 300 models

Sutton United Football Club:
AEC RT London Transport (red)
Route 156
Destination Morden Station
Side adverts: Sutton United/Securicor
Quantity approx 325 models

For further details and to order please contact:
Mr Peter COE
London Bus Retail
10 Hurst Close
KT18 6DZ
Tel/Fax 01372 386998

Friday 19 April 2002

I can confirm that the following EFE models have now been released and are on sale:
16522 Leyland Atlantean Standerwick Gay Hostess
20428 Bristol VR3 Southend Transport

Further to my news article earlier in the week I can confirm that there is in fact three versions of the Corgi OOC 43004 Leyland Olympian Keighley and District as follows:
1.With yellow side stripe only (normal version)
2.With yellow front stripe only (rare version, which went out with normal version to the trade).
3.With front & side stripe (pre-production version, it is believed that this was not released, although as with many PP samples some may have turned up at swapmeets etc.)

Thursday 18 April 2002

The Corgi Collector Club magazine for April arrived this morning and carries the following  which are of interest:

The Model Collector Magazine Guy Arab Southdown will be numbered OM43909.
A previously unannounced Van Hool Alizee in Shearings livery is mentioned numbered OM42702 further details will be given when available.

Wednesday 17 April 2002

Further to my questions on 12 April regarding model variations, I am very grateful to Michael Edwards (See stockists page) for providing the answers.

42805 Dart/Pointer Plymouth Citybus:
"The OOC Dart Plymouth does exist with different fleet no & no plates as shown in the catalogue. I believe the original version had a fatal crash in real life causing a last minute change, (I can't confirm this fact though). The variant was a final prepro which was never officially released."

16503 Leyland Atlantean/MCW Devon General:
"The EFE Devon General with Ribble rear end came out at the same time as the Devon General. I suspect it was a mix up at the factory, both buses being the same colour. Very few exist that I know of but as you have to look to find it some collectors probably have one and don't realise!"

I hope to bring you photographs of a variation of the Keighley Olympian and the  Plymouth Dart tomorrow - Gareth

Monday 15 April 2002

The following models are due for release week commencing 22 April 2002

Corgi OOC:
OM43303 Plaxton Premiere Blackburn Coachlines
OM44004 Blackpool Brush Railcoach - Mystique
OM45605 BMMO D9 Midland Red
OM45706 AEC Q Kingston Upon Hull

UKBUS1003 Trident Alexander ALX400 Stagecoach London
UKBUS1004 Trident Alexander ALX400 Lothian

Saturday 13 April 2002

Can anybody help with these queries? Please email me if you can assist.

Click here to e-mail.

Corgi OOC
I have heard a rumour that 42805 Dart/Pointer Plymouth Citybus was released in two versions with different registration and fleet numbers. Can anybody confirm this?

43004 Leyland Olympian/ECW Keighley & District was issued in two versions. A standard version and a variation with slightly different front markings. If you have got the variation could you please let me have a photograph of it?

A variation on 16503 Leyland Atlantean/MCW Devon General with "Ribble" printed on the engine case was discovered at a swap meet last weekend. Does anyone have any knowledge of this model? In particular when was it released and how many were produced in this variation? All other details of the model appear identical to the standard 16503 fleet number, route etc.

Friday 12 April 2002

I have been contacted by Alan Charman who is the organiser of the East Grinstead Running Day and a partner in Country Bus Rallies. He advises that prior to any of their events all enquiries as to availability of special models for the event should be directed to him. His email is ACHARMA1@irf.com and NOT to Nigel Mitchell at London Bus Repaints (as previously quoted on my news article of 8 April 2002, that news article has now been amended accordingly).

For those interested, I have been advised by Country Bus Rallies that further models will be released for their shows during the coming months as follows:
Hertford Bus Rally: Corgi Q on route 310A to Hoddesden
Sidcup Bus Rally: STL (red)
Dorking Bus Rally: STL (green)

As mentioned above please contact Alan Charman directly if you require further details.

Friday 12 April 2002

News of future releases of special models from the London Transport Museum. Further details will be given when known:
RML (Gold) Arriva. Due July 2002
RML (Gold) Go Ahead. Due July 2002
RML (Gold) First Group. Due July 2002
RML (Gold) Metroline/London United. Due July 2002
STL Red (Pre war). Due September 2002
STL Green (pre war). Due October 2002
RT (no roof box) Green. Due October 2002
RT (no roof box) Green. Due January 2003

Wednesday 10 April 2002

Another possible 2nd half release from Corgi OOC?

Further to my news article of yesterday and mention of possible EFE and  OOC models to mark the Cardiff Centenary. I have it on good authority that as part of their Centenary Celebration, Cardiff Bus are working with Corgi to produce the AEC Q in Cardiff Corporation livery.  Cardiff had very few Q's in an experiment in the 30's.  The buses were adorned in the very ornate lined maroon and cream livery of the time which should look superb on the model.

Tuesday 9 April 2002

With regard the Bournemouth Transport Guy Arab 2 (26309A) mentioned in my news article dated 4 April. Further details are as follows:
Route number: 1
Destination: Iford Boscombe Square via Bath and Westover Rds
The model will have side decoration with the Town Hall crest and 1902 to 2002
The run will comprise 500 models and each will come with an individual certificate signed by the current Managing Director of Bournemouth Transport.
The expected release date is June 2002 and orders are now being taken.

Please send your order to:
Bournemouth Transport Ltd
Mallard Road,
The model costs 15.00 plus 2.50 P&P cheques should be payable to Bournemouth Transport Ltd with cheque card number on back.

With reference to 26311 Guy Arab2 Cardiff Corporation mentioned as a new release in last nights news article. I understand that the model is being produced to mark the Cardiff Corporation Centenary on July 7. It is rumoured that EFE will be producing two further models in Cardiff livery to mark this and Corgi OOC will be producing one. Further details will be given as soon as I hear more.

As promised last night the pictures below are of the Code 3 AEC STL produced on behalf of Country Bus Rallies for their East Grinstead Bus rally by London Bus Repaints. The base model used in the production is EFE 27805 (LT red - Borwicks). If you would like further information please contact Alan Charman at ACHARMA1@irf.com As with all stockists you contact as a result of visiting this site. Please tell them you found out about them here www.britishmodelbuses.com/

Photographs British Model Buses

Monday 8 April 2002

Cobham Bus Rally update. For those of you unable to attend the Rally I have listed below news regarding future releases that I managed to obtain:

EFE - Release schedule:
The following models are due for release on 15 April 2002
20428 Bristol VR3 Southend
16522 Leyland Atlantean Gay Hostess
27807 AEC STL LT
The following models are due for release end April/Early May
27808 AEC STL LT
27607 Wright Renown Lancashire United
17212 Leyland National Southdown
28001 Daimler DMS Modified Maynes

EFE - Not previously announced:
26613 Plaxton Paramount East London Coaches (due end May)
26311 Guy Arab2 Cardiff Corporation (due end May)
28801 Leyland Titan LT (June)
28002 Daimler DMS type B Warrington Transport (June)
28601 GM Atlantean Greater Manchester (July)

Shown below is a cabinet EFE had on display showing some future releases and some recently released models.

Other Rally news not related to the Cobham Rally:

East Grinstead
London Bus Repaints have produced a model for this years event. The model used as the base model is AEC STL 27805 (LT red - Borwicks). Details as follows:
Route 428
Destination East Grinstead
Certificated run of 250 models
A picture of this model will be published tomorrow.

Bromley Pageant
There will be NO bus model again this year.

North Weald
The show model this year will be an AEC STL LT (green). Further details will be given as soon as known.

The show model this year will be an Leyland PD2 Orion Portsmouth. Again further details will be given as soon as known.

Sunday 7 April 2002

Shown below are exclusive pictures of the two models for this years Cobham Rally which both go on sale tomorrow.

Cobham 2002 Rally model 27808A


Photograph British Model Buses

Cobham 2002 Fund raising model 27807A


Photograph British Model Buses

Saturday 6 April 2002

Further to my news article of this morning (below) I am able to give additional details of the two Cobham models BOTH will be on sale on the day priced at 18.50 each:

27807A The museums preserved STL2377 (fund raising model)
Route 19
Destination Upper Tooting
Certificated 596 models

27808A (Cobham 2002 Rally Model) 
Registration number DLU 92
Route 424
Destination Reigate
Certificated 405 models

Thursday 4 April 2002

My EFE Subscriber newsletter has just arrived and contains the following information:

Cobham Bus Rally 2002. There will be two models this year:
27808A STL London Transport Green (Rally model)
27807A STL2377 London Transport Red (Fund raising model featuring the museums recently restored STL orders for this will be taken on the day of the Rally).

Bournemouth Transport will be releasing a special model later in the year to commemorate their centenary. It will be directly available from Bournemouth Transport Ltd:
26309A Guy Arab2

Release update the following will be available early April:
16522 Atlantean Standerwick Gay Hostess
20428 Bristol VR3 Southend

EFE offer the following explanation for the disruption to their model release schedule:
"February has created it's usual disruption to our model production in China. Bad weather in China and the Chinese New Year celebrations, combined with very rough seas have all contributed to delays which have affected our releases and the planned March models will now be a split release"

An explanation is also given as to the colours used on the recent LT Leyland TD1 (Ex Maidstone) 27209: "The dark green used is the correct M&D colour, but there is an optical effect when seen with the M&D cream which makes the green look even darker on the M&D models"

There is also a special Subscriber Offer of two Chinese models in Citybus and China Motor Bus liveries

Thursday 4 April 2002

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