Country Bus Rallies

Table listing releases in model number order

Country Bus Rallies (CBR) began releasing their high quality Code 3 models in (2001) to mark each of their Bus Rallies. The models that are produced for CBR events are all carefully researched Alan Charman (one of the directors of CBR) and are based upon actual photographs that he has in his collection or that can be found in Books Published by Capital or John Hambley.

The initial release of the models was affected by the problems that beset EFE during 2001 and the consequent low/late availability of the base models to use. Due to insufficient stock being available, the AEC STL (green) intended for the 2001 Hertford Rally was replaced by a Green RT, only 10 of the STL models were ever produced.

If you would like to know more about Country Bus Rallies events please CLICK HERE to email Alan Charman. To order models please see the bottom of this page.


Model No Vehicle Company Fleet No Route No Quantity Date released
CBR001 EG(01) AEC RML London Transport (East Grinstead 2001) RML2306 409 250 4/01
CBR002 HG(01) AEC RT London Transport (Hertford 2001) RT3178 350 75 6/01
AEC STL London Transport (Hertford 2001) STL2140 310 10 Not released
CBR003 DS(01) AEC SRT London Transport (Dorking 2001) SRT143 93 250 9/01
CBR004 EG(02) AEC STL London Transport (East Grinstead 2002) STL1923 428 250 4/02
CBR005 HG(02) AEC Q London Transport (Hertford 2002) Q3 310A 250 6/02
CBR006 SP(02) AEC STL London Transport (Sidcup 2002) STL1751 - 250 6/02
CBR007 DS(02) AEC STL London Transport (Dorking 2002) STL1797 414 250 9/02
CBR008 EG(03) Leyland Atlantean London Transport (East Grinstead 2003) XA36 424 160 4/03
CBR009 SV(03) AEC RT London Transport (Stevenage and Hertford 2003) RT4783 809 160 6/03
CBR010 DS(03) AEC RT London Transport (Dorking 2003) RT1700 470 160 8/03
CBR011 WS(03) AEC RT London Transport (Westerham and Oxted 2003) RT995 410 160 9/03
CBR012 EG(04) AEC RT London Transport (East Grinstead 2004) RT940 409 160 4/04
CBR013 HG(04) AEC Regent/Weymann  London Transport (Hertford 2004) STL2990 327 n/k n/k
CBR014 KP(04) AEC RT (Roofbox) London Transport (Knockholt Pound 2004) RT698 47 n/k n/k
CBR015 DS(04) AEC 10T10 Greenline (Dorking 2004) T512 425 n/k n/k
CBR015 NF(04) AEC STL London Transport (Northfleet 2004) STL2660 496 n/k n/k
Please note:
The numbering system used to classify the models is that of British Model Buses and not the official numbering of Country Bus Rallies. It has been used to make the indexing of the models easier for the web author. The second number shown against some models is the London Bus Repaints and Transfers numbering system.

To order any of the current releases or check on availability of previous releases please CLICK HERE to email Alan Charman (I understand that small quantities of some of the models previously released are still available) or contact Nigel at London Bus Repaints and Transfers (see below).

The models for CBR events are produced by London Bus Repaints and Transfers. Further details of their products can be obtained from:
PO Box 125
East Sussex
BN27 1WG
Telephone 01323 849856


Dates please note the following:
Date in Red = the expected release date
Date in Green = the original advertised release date when the actual release date is not known
Date in Black = the actual confirmed release date

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