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This photograph shows a production version of Oxford Diecast model 76IR6006 Scania Irizar i6 - City Link Air

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Welcome to the UK's best website for news and information about 1/50th and 1/76th scale British Model Buses produced by ABC Models, Atlas Editions, Britbus, BT-Models, Corgi Classics Ltd, Corgi OOC, Creative Master Northcord Ltd, Collectors Model (C'sM), EFE, Northcord Model Company, Oxford Diecast, Peak Horse, Rapido Trains Inc and Sunstar.

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If you have an interest in Britain's most famous haulier Eddie Stobart, you might like to visit my other website The site has comprehensive listings and photographs of Stobart models by a number of manufacturers including Corgi, Oxford Diecast, Teckno and others.

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