June 2010 - Updates

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News Confirmed release from Oxford Diecast 24 Jun 10
News New kit from Kingsway Models. Confirmed releases from EFE. EFE Showbus 2010 23 Jun 10
News Confirmed release of EFE Arriva commissioned models 22 Jun 10
News Press release from Creative Master Northcord Ltd 21 Jun 10
News EFE models scheduled for release and EFE Arriva Heritage Fleet commissioned models 19 Jun 10
CMNL Hong Kong Creative Master Northcord Ltd Hong Kong bus page updated and new photographs added 16 Jun 10
News EFE & Corgi OOC Model Buses Collectors Reference Guide 2010 13 Jun 10
News Corgi OOC model scheduled for release 11 Jun 10
News New model from EFE. Creative Master Northcord Ltd UKBUS4018 high resolution photographs 9 Jun 10
Creative Master Northcord Ltd Layout of pages amended 8 Jun 10
Gallery Bristol
VR 3
Photograph of Bristol VR3 Southdown 276 added (Photographs 1 & 2) 8 Jun 10
News Two press releases from Creative Master Northcord Ltd 7 Jun 10
News Photographs of real buses to be represented in model form by CMNL 6 Jun 10
News Atlas Editions list of bus models 5 Jun 10
News EFE model 36202 RMA + trailer BEA photographs of production model. EFE models scheduled for release 4 Jun 10
News New models announced by EFE together with details and photographs of previously announced models 3 Jun 10

June 2010 - Updates

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