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A big thank you. On 28 March the site recorded it's 10,000th hit (after 3 1/2 months!). It continues to far exceed my expectations and I am very grateful to everybody that writes to me with messages and information. I am always anxious to obtain "breaking" news articles, if you become aware of anything that I have not yet published please let me know so I can update the site and share the information with fellow collectors. Please click on the link at the top of this page to email me.

Saturday 30 March 2002

I can confirm that CMN Dennis trident ALX400 UKBUS1003 and UKBUS1004 were released in Hong Kong today

Wednesday 27 March 2002

The Creative Master Northcord ALX400 in Stagecoach and Lothian liveries are due for release in Hong Kong tomorrow (27th)

Yahoo Groups Diecast buses Club carries an article showing the revised livery for the OOC Blackpool Brush Railcoach OM44004 (click the link on the model number to view).

I can confirm that the following Corgi OOC model was released last week and is now on sale
OM43504 Balloon Tram Blackpool

Tuesday 26 March 2002

The May edition of Model Collector Magazine carries an article about the Ailsa Volvo bus and talks about the real thing and the ABC model.

I can confirm the following models were released last week and are now on sale:
99638 Leyland TD1 Crosville (Re-issue)
22713 Alexander Y Type Western Buses
28101 Alexander Atlantean B National Welsh Rhondda
26606DL Plaxton Paramount Shearings

Monday 25 March 2002

I am very grateful to Jotus Model Department for supplying the photographs used in this news article. The picture below shows the final production versions of Creative Master Northcord UKBUS1003 and UKBUS1004 in their packaging. It is believed both models will now go on sale in April. Click on the links for each model (above) to see an additional close up picture of each model.

Click on the links below to view high resolution pictures of the model. Please note the files are approximately 5 times the size of the normal pictures files used on this site and may take a while to display.

High Resolution UKBUS1003 Stagecoach London
High Resolution UKBUS1004 Edinburgh Lothian


Photograph  Creative Master Northcord

Thursday 21 March 2002

April's edition of Collectors Gazette arrived this morning and carries an advert from EFE listing their April release models as follows:
27808 AEC STL London Transport Country
27607 Wright Volvo Renown Lancashire United
17212 Leyland National MK1 Southdown
28001 Daimler DMS 1DR Type B Maynes of Manchester
26606DL Plaxton Paramount 3500 Shearings
23313 AEC RF Eynons

Wednesday 20 March 2002

I can confirm the following C'sM and Peak Horse models are now on sale:
MCW70205 C'sM Metrobus Stevensons
MMC7004 Peak horse Metrobus Stevensons

Sunday 17 March 2002

Proposed Corgi OOC release for week commencing 18 March 2002: 
OM43504 Blackpool Balloon Tram - Eclipse

Tuesday 12 March 2002

I can confirm the following OOC Models are now on sale:
OM43401 Plaxton Beaver Stagecoach Ribble
OM40502 Feltham Tram Leeds City

Sunday 10 March 2002

My EFE Subscriber Offer Maidstone and District Set arrived in the post this morning. The EFE stock number is 99923 The individual model numbers are as follows:
Leyland PD2 16120
Leyland TD1 27208

Thursday 7 March 2002

Two items from the pages of  Diecast Buses Yahoo Group

It is reported that two LT Museum Special EFE RML models went on sale yesterday at the Acton Depot Open Day as follows:
25508A RML2415, route 326, destination Sands.
25508B RML2460, route 441, destination Hedgerley Village.
Both are in pre-NBC LCBS green with London Country fleet names and the flying polo logo on the staircase panel. Both are a reprint of the bus used in LT Museum Set 7.

It is also reported that Corgi have been working with the Aldershot and District Bus Interest Group to produce a BET Federation (Willowbrook) bodied AEC Reliance. Paint samples and photographs have been sent to Corgi.

Sunday 3 March 2002

March 2002 - News

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