February 2002 - News

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I can confirm the following EFE models have now been released and are now on sale
12114 Harrington Cavalier Greenslades
26204 Guy Arab Utility LT
24319 AEC Reliance Maidstone
20127 Bedford OB Liverpool

Thursday 28 February 2002

EFE have added two further models to the March release schedule.

23313 AEC RF Eynon’s of Trimsaran (RF512 MXX489)
26606DL Plaxton Paramount Shearings (944 H544DVW)

I understand from them that details of these models will be sent to their dealers later this week.

Monday 25 February 2002

I can confirm the following Corgi OOC models were released last week:

OM43908 Daimler Utility Belfast
OM41905 Leyland PD3 (open top) Southdown

The following Corgi OOC models are scheduled for release week commencing 4 March 2002:

OM40502 Feltham Tram Leeds
OM43401 Mercedes Benz vario Plaxton Beaver Stagecoach Ribble

Sunday 24 February 2002

Some further information regarding release of the Creative Master Northcord ALX400

I understand that a Volvo Chassis variant will NOT be produced as there are too many differences including wheelbase, and Creative Master will not compromise on the quality of their models.

The release schedule for ALX400's is as follows:
1. Stagecoach
2. Lothian
3.TWM Golden Jubilee (late May/early June to coincide with the Jubilee celebrations)
4. East Yorkshire
5. TWM Standard livery.

I will let you know as soon as I am able to give more exact dates

Saturday 23 February 2002

CLICK HERE for photographs of TWM Dennis Trident ALX400 in Golden Jubilee livery

I have heard a rumour that Corgi may be releasing a Leyland Lynx Midland Red West in the first half of next year (see picture below).  I will let you know if I hear any more.


Photograph © D E Wall

Tuesday 12 February 2002

Issue 18 of the OOC Club Bus Route arrived today. Featured is an article about wartime trolley buses and utility buses, the new vehicle registration marks and an article by Vic Davey on early OOC models. Also announced is details of this years club model. A Bristol Lodekka FS in Brighton and Hove livery see picture below. The club states further details will be announced in the next newsletter. They also state there will NOT be a special OOC model for Cobham this year.


Scanned image - real photograph not available at this time
source Corgi OOC Club Bus Route

Monday 11 February 2002

I can confirm that the following Corgi OOC models have now been released and are on sale now:

OM43702 Trolleybus - Cardiff Corporation Transport
OM45109 Metrobus - West Bromwich Corporation (West Midlands Heritage Travel)

The following Corgi OOC models are due for release week commencing 18 February:

OM41905 Leyland PD3 Queen Mary (Open Top) - Southdown
OM43908 Daimler Utility - Belfast

I have additionally heard a rumour that the Creative Mater Northcord ALX400 in Travel West Midlands Golden Jubilee livery will precede the standard liveried version. I will let you know as soon as I get more on this one.

Saturday 9 February 2002

Shown below are pictures of the pre-production Standard Liveried Travel West Midlands ALX400 from Creative Master Northcord. Apologies for the slightly blurred image. The pictures where taken using a depot camera used for recording damage to full sized vehicles!




Photograph © British Model Buses



Photograph © British Model Buses

Tuesday 5 February 2002

C'sM and Peak Horse releases
I can confirm that the following models went on sale last week.
MCW 70209 C'sM 1/50th scale Metrobus Ensignbus
MMC 7203 Peak Horse Mini Metrobus Ensign bus

Sunday 3 February 2002

Further clarification on the Creative Master Northcord ALX400. I am able to confirm the following from a regular correspondent to my site who has spoken personally with Mr Chan from C.M.N.
The mould for the ALX400 is remaining the property of C.M.N. Corgi will only be acting as UK distributor.

I suppose it therefore follows that models (Dennis Trident ALX400) appearing in Corgi packaging will have been produced for them by C.M.N. using the C.M.N mould. I hope this clarifies the situation.

EFE releases.
I can confirm that all EFE releases scheduled for January release are now on sale.
26403 Daimler Utility Manchester
27605 Wright Volvo  Arriva Northumbria
27606 Wright Volvo Burnley & Pendle
27209 Leyland TD1 LT
16215 Bristol LS Royal Blue
20008 Leyland PD2 Portsmouth

Corgi OOC releases.
Scheduled for release week commencing 4 February 2002
OM43702 Q1 Trolleybus Cardiff Corporation
OM45109 MCW Metrobus West Bromwich Corporation

Saturday 2 February 2002

February 2002 - News

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