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A message from the web author:

Welcome to my web site and I hope you enjoy reading it. It has taken me a significant amount of time to develop this site in view of the considerable number of British Models that have been released (The manufacturers had a 10 year head start on me!). I have taken care to ensure the content is as accurate as possible, so please let me know if you spot errors or omissions e-mail me . Obviously there is still a long way to go and I will be adding significantly to the content of the site over the coming months.

I hope that this site will in time be as successful as my Friend Graham White's Oriental Model Buses web site. Regular visitors to his site will know that he has a number of contacts within the Chinese model world and that he is able to provide the latest and most up to date information, I also hope to be able to do this.

To enable the site to be successful I would like to make contact with representatives from the trade who would be willing to act as regular correspondents for me. I am particularly keen to hear from people able to provide the latest news from all the manufacturers (particularly within the BIG 2). High quality photographs in the format I have used on pages within this site will be extremely welcome. So far most of the photographs are from models in my own private collection so if you can help please contact me by E-MAIL .

In addition to photographs of models I would also like to hear from people who are able to supply photographs of the real bus the model is based on again please contact me if you are able to supply photographs.

All contributions to my site will be acknowledged. If you are a business and have a web site I will include links to your site or your e-mail address so that visitors to my site will be able to contact you. I look forward to hearing from you by E-MAIL

Enough of the administration now down to business!.


I am grateful to C'sM for advising me of details of two forthcoming releases. One 1/50th scale Metrobus MK1 (MCW - 70209) and a 1/130th scale Metrobus MK2 (MMC - 7203) both in the livery of Essex Operator Ensignbus. Both models are due for release in mid December.

Saturday 1 December 2001

News from JOTUS in Hong Kong that Creative Master Northcord Ltd have released in Hong Kong  their first UK Dennis Trident ALX400 in the livery of First Capital (UKBUS1001). The model has a certificated run of 3500. Not known if or when it will be available in the UK

Monday 3 December 2001

Corgi Confirm that their Plaxton Excalibur in livery of Elcock Reisen (OM43304) will be released week commencing 17 December with a quantity of 2700

Please note that this web site is only currently accessible through the inputting of the domain name i.e. I am currently in the process of registering the site with a number of Internet search engines but it will take some time before you will be properly able to search the web and find it. Why not add the web address to your list of favourites on your browser.

Friday 7 December 2001

The London Transport Museum have released another variant of their BET Style AEC/Leyland numbered 24316B. Below is I believe the first published picture. I hope to bring more photographs and details tomorrow. The vehicle represents fleet number 757 and is on route number 85 to Brill.

Photograph  British Model Buses

News of two further releases from C'sM and Peak Horse. C'sM and Peak Horse have confirmed that their 1/50th scale Metrobus (MCW70205) and 1/130th scale Mini Metrobus (MMC7004), will both be released in January 2002. More details and photographs of both models with tomorrows updates.

Wednesday 12 December 2001

News of yet another release from C'sM. Another MCW Metrobus MK1 (MCW70206) in livery of Leaside Buses will be released in January 2002 with a quantity of 300.

Thursday 13 December 2001

My EFE subscriber news letter arrived a few minutes ago in the post. There is no mention of the previously mentioned special subscriber offer and no new releases. All models mentioned on their release schedule have previously been announced on this site.

Saturday 15 December 2001

I have been overwhelmed by the response to my site and have received many messages of best wishes, offers of assistance and information from as far a field as Australia. I have endeavoured to acknowledge as many mails as possible but please forgive me if I have not replied personally to you. To try and make it easier for me to handle the large quantity of mail I have been receiving I have set up a designated e-mail address for the site (previously you will recall I have been using my home e-mail). With immediate effect could you please address mail to . I have updated the various links within the site, but please add this new address to your address books.


I have been advised by a visitor to the site that Modelzone have commissioned a special EFE RCL in livery of Blue Triangle. The model is RCL2260 on route 565 and carries the stock number 25605B it carries advertising for Modelzone. It is certificated to 800.


New releases:
The following EFE models are scheduled for release on 20 December
14602 Leyland National London & Country
15630 Routemaster Reading
18713 Bedford SB Greenslades
99640 Leyland PD2 Todmorden
26605DL Plaxton Paramount Wallace Arnold

The following OOC models are scheduled for release early January
OM45705 AEC Q Westcliffe
OM43601 Palatine 2 Harris Bus

EFE 99638 Crosville LMS is to be re-run in march due to the original being in short supply. Will there be variations?

Sunday 16 December 2001

I can confirm that the following models were released this week by EFE: 
15630 Routemaster Reading
14602 Leyland National London and Country
18713 Bedford SB Greenslades
26605DL Plaxton Paramount Wallace Arnold
99640 Leyland PD2 Todmorden L.M.S

Could someone please let me know if the OOC Plaxton Excaliber - Elcock Reisen has been released. It was scheduled for release week commencing 17 December. I have spoken to a number of dealers, non of whom have yet received their stock .

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Christmas and thank you for your support over the last two weeks. I have been astounded by the response to my site, with over 1500 hits in the first two weeks it has far exceeded my expectations. With your help, I look forward to making the site even more successful during 2002. 

Sunday 23 December 2001

Thank you to John BOOTH for confirming the Corgi OOC 0M43304 Plaxton Excalibur Elcock Reisen is now in the shops.

News of a new release from Ramblers Holidays.
Ramblers Holidays in conjunction with EFE have released a limited edition Daimler Utility in Greenline livery, details as follows:
EFE number 26402A
Fleet No: D73
Registration No: GYE 62
Destination: Ramblers Association Special - Box Hill
No Route number
Quantity: 100 (One Hundred)
Released: October 01.

Ramblers Holidays have completely sold out  of this model which I understand was distributed to those who had been on their mailing list the longest. If you are one of the few very lucky ones to get one, could you please let me have a photograph to post on this site.

Monday 24 December 2001

Model Collector Magazine have announced a release of another special model for readers. This model being a Corgi OOC Guy Arab Utility (post war livery) on route number 8 to Worthing Pier.  It will be limited to 2500 pieces with priority being given to magazine subscribers. Further details will be given when known.

Photograph "Model Collector Magazine"

Thursday 27 December 2001

I am very grateful to Peter Harrison for supplying pictures of the EFE Ramblers Association Daimler Utility 26402A (see News 24 December)

Saturday 29 December 2001

December 2001 - News

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