Tamar Link Gift Set

East Lancs Lowlander and Plaxton Beaver Minibus

This photograph shows production versions of the "A" version of this set, I do not have photographs of the "B" version models at this time. Left (model a) East Lancs Lowlander. Right (model b) Plaxton Beaver Minibus.

Photograph S & D Models


 Manufacturer of model Corgi OOC
 Scale 1:76
 Fleet number a) 32758
b) 50301
 Registration number a) WA54OLT
b) S407GUB
 Route number a) 80
b) 80
 Destination a) Torpoint
b) Torpoint
 Advertising -
 Release details
 Quantities (if known) 1105 (Total for both sets 
 Date released 10/06
 Availability General release
 Comments This gift set has been released in two versions. This version with the models listed above and OM99191A with two different vehicles. Liveries, route details and destinations are the same for both sets. The total production run is 2210 for both sets 1105 of each


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