Dennis Dart
42805 and 42805A

Plymouth Citybus

This model has appeared in two versions a standard version (42805) and a variation (42805A). 

The model was shown in the OOC Catalogue July - December 1997 as fleet number 104. This model was never officially released by Corgi and has become known as the variation. It is believed that the real vehicle in question (fleet number 104) was involved in a fatal road traffic accident prior to the scheduled release of the model. The models details were therefore changed and it was released as fleet number 112. It appears apart from the fleet number and registration number all other details are the same. It also appears a very small number of the variation showing fleet number 104 have found their way onto the market.

The pictures below show both models.


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This picture shows the standard production version (42805) showing the fleet number 112

Photograph S & D Models


 Manufacturer of model Corgi OOC
 Scale 1:76
 Fleet number 42805) 112
42805A) 104
 Registration number 42805) L112YOD
42805A) K104SFJ
 Route number 50
 Destination Derriford Hospital
 Advertising -
 Release details
 Quantities (if known) 42805) 4000
42805A) N/K
 Date released 42805) 8/97
42805A) Never officially released
 Availability 42805) General release
42805A) Very scarce
 Comments -


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This picture shows the rare version (42805A) showing the fleet number 104

Photograph Michael Edwards (See Stockists page)


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